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موبلنک جاز صارفین کو بیلجیئم کے نمبر سے مسڈ کالز، واپس کال کریں تو کیا ہوتا ہے؟ جان کر آپ کے واقعی ہ

Published on 06 May 2019 / In Entertainment

What happens when mobile calls from mobile phone numbers are missed by a mobile phone number? By knowing you will really be surprised because ... Telecom company Jazz users have suffered thousands of rupees due to the number of calls coming from Belgian numbers. Callbacks are added to thousands of rupees in the postpaid consumer bill if the call from the number starting from +324 is callback.
According to Daily Pakistan Global, complaints from users of Jazz users in Pakistan, particularly post-post connections have come to them that they call them a +324 number, and when they make a callback, the call is made before they are contacted. But when the call is made from Italy on the other hand, much of its money is charged. When the history check is done, Belgian is seen below, often when smartphone users say that when If they call callback +324 in response to a serious call call then someone from the beginning listens in Arabic language, which is correct Ah, but do not know when the bill comes to Rs 1800 have been charged for every call to our account.
To know the status of the Jazz Company daily, authorities have repeatedly contacted the Pakistan but no answer was given to this issue.
It is clear that earlier July this year, Jazz users had to face similar fraud, the fraud used 006768489462, which only cleaned pockets of Jazz users
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